Poker Software Developed in Nepal

Online Poker Production Company has developed the multiplayer poker software for the very first time in Nepal. Its a very high standard gambling software for the world’s Poker lover people. Technically, ebpearls pvt. ltd. supported this software to meet demands to run the internet based multiplayer poker application.
It took about 1 year for 10 people to complete the software. From this software you can play Poker from your home with the help of internet, mouse and keyboard. It connects to different payment gateways and payment processing companies. It also gives feature to view payment history and fund withdrawal for each player. Poker Software meets the highest requirements and standards in terms of secure gambling.

Poker software Development Company’s main target is to sell Poker software to various international Casinos and even Nepal’s casino can try this out for their foreign customer.

Software has full option to play poker and you will feel the real thrill while you play the game. You can even change the table screen, player’s avatar, watcher list, seat etc.

Beside that, Admin has full access to stop all games, block the player, pop-up message, can filter the foul language etc. Software is already launched and it’s using some of USA’s Casinos.

For more information, you can visit the

However we have already proved that we can give the world class quality software and given us the opportunity we won’t be back to prove our self and we hope that Nepal can be the best destination country after the India for Outsourcing


nabin said...

its indeed very good news that nepalese guys developed the software. archana keep on updating us.

Anonymous said...

king gane le thaa payera kinna aaula. gharma poker computer rakhala ni.

Nnep said...

Nepali guys made this software to get Nepaliz addicted to gambling.

Somehow I am not so proud !!

Admin Poker Software said...

nnep for your kind information, its not made for nepalese pple and its not the software which you can get easily in market, need to pay lots of $$$$$$$$.

Please always think the positive side of the things, do not make us distress staying in UK.

10 Nepali guys involved in this project for a one year and they have used there brain to make high quality software.

You can imagine the challenges working on regular loadsedding schedule , chakka jam and Nepal bands.


gaurab said...

great work for the nepali software industry...we should move the same way as the indians they became IT super power in 10 yrs .why can't we????

congrats guy

dez said...

I was one of the team member of this software. This software was the one of the achievement of my life.And i want to clear the view that this software is not made for Nepal or Nepali. This is made By Nepal and Nepali.