another beautiful day….

"Keep your face to the sunshine and
you will not see the shadows." - Helen Keller

Today I’ve got something to share with as I am very excited, happy and encouraged In this day of “International Women’s day”.

I have been going through very tight schedule and for me even single hour means a lot. I have a dead line till 9th march to complete a project in an environment where we have to face six hours of load shedding a day.

I was a called to attain a program organized by Patan Lady Jaycees Being running out of time I decided not to attain the program but suddenly I came to know that there is going to be a 3 hour load shedding in our area so I made up to attain it.

Being Women’s Day the program was presided by Vice Speaker of Parliament Ms.Chitra lekha Yadev. It was a program to facilitate ex and present JC Ladies And also facilitate to encourage 8 ladies for their contributions in different fields like sports, education, literature, handicraft, science and technology etc. Suddenly I heard my name being announced and was called upon the dais to take a memento from Ms.Chitra lekha Yadev. It was facilitation towards my contribution in the field of information Technology. Out of all the 8 categories I was to be the youngest achiever. Soon than I saw a hand being extended towards me by Ms.Ambica Shrestha, Owner of Dwarika's Hotel and she said ”Wow Science, Well done!!” and sake my hand. For instance, I was norm and couldn’t speak a word, but to me it was great honor and encouragement as I have always considered Ms.Shrestha to be a great women entrepreneur, she has always strived to create one’s value in the society with a lots of competition towards social values and have also attained that peak to be a great women.

Sometimes even a small word of praise could motivate us and same happen to me. In this day of "International Women day" I pray for well being of all women and want to say come forward to be competitive in this society.

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narayan said...

hey..archu.. congratulation for it.. afna manchhe harule paunu pani afu le paunu nai ho.. go ahead and keep it up..we are just waiting for a great day.. like today.. for good memorable moments.. like now.. and for good persons.. like you .. :)

makkha parne haina ni.. party kahile ta ??

archana said...

as you know me, i am always fond of parties lem me know when u guys are free. I m ready to give advance bithday treat.;}

la yes paali hune wala buhari lai pani nimto chha.

Dipen said...

Spirit of woman !
I admire you!

narayan said...

hahaahha.. hune wala buhari...

I just take a long breath..


अनुप श्रेष्ठ said...

बधाई छ ।

Sadhana said...

Hey Archu Di!!!

I am really very Happy for you..Once again U have made all of us so proud. U deserve the Best of all. Keep up with your good works. All The Best.

Love U

Author said...

Wow... congratulations.

Ujjwal Acharya said...

Congratulations! Great!

Paribartan said...

हार्दिक बधाई तथा उत्तरोत्तर प्रगतीको कामना मेरो तर्फबाट ।

Deepak Adhikari said...

Congrats Archana. Keep up the good work!

AboutHIV/AIDS said...

badhai chha.
dherai dherai bhadhai


hem acharya said...

Congrats archana

Anonymous said...


aashish said...

हार्दिक बधाई तथा उत्तरोत्तर प्रगतीको कामना मेरो तर्फबाट ।

Hari karki said...

wow congraluation archana dee!

Anonymous said...

निकै दिनको लुकामारी पछि आज ल्बग लेख्न समयले साथ दिएको थियो एति धेरै बिषयहरुको लाम लागेको देखेर म त अत्तन पत्त भए क्या so unable to write taday also.
Archana Ji तपाईको बानी एकदम राम्रो लागो तर यस्लाई बग्याएर नलिनुहोस् ल!
बास्तवमा मानिसको परिच भित्र सबै जसरी वातावरणको परिचय भित्र भुसुना देखि बम्हान्ड सम्म परेको हुन्छ तेस्तै एउटा मानिसको परिचय पनि तब पो पुरा हुन्छ उसका हरेक activitesबाट जानकार भइन्छ त होइनर ?
नत्र त थोप्डा हेरेर खोप्डाको के आकलन गर्न सक्नुर है !
तपाईले आफ्नो अवार्डहरु यो तरङ्ग(web)मा राखेर निकै राम्रो गर्नु भो एतिका धेरै अवार्ड जितेकोमा congratulation र आगामी दिनहरुको शुभकामना भन्न केको खन्चुस्याई गर्नुर है ल मेरो तर्फबाट पनि हृदय देखिकै २ शव्द।
धेरै रमाईला कुराहरु छुटेछन् ग्रामीण संचारिकरण महिला अधिकार र एउटा ब्यक्तिले गरेको ब्यक्तित्व बिकास सम्माका बिषय मेरो निकै रोचक थिए तर ...
नाच्न नजान्नेले आगन टेडो भनेको जस्तै एकपटक चै म पनि लोडसेडिङ्गलाई दोस थोपरेर पन्छिनु पर्ला किन भने म र म जस्तै कम्पुरनै फ्रोफेसन भएको मनिसलाई लोडसेडिङ्गको मार कति छ भन्ने कुरा त....
तर अब तेहि अनुसारको समयतालिकाले चल्नुभन्दा अर्को बिकल्प के छ र है
परिवर्तन गर्नु छ सुरु आफैबाट

kamal raj said...

Congratulations ! after long time i visit ur blog site then come to know about it.. well belated congratulations .. and best of luck for ur future and ger more like this awards.....

Raj said...

Hi My name is Raj
Currently I am working In National Police Academy.
Good Job
well done