first lady in nepal

"We can do anything we want to do
if we stick to it long enough."--Helen Keller

There is a story of two wise men speaking together, one asks the other, “What is it that makes a great wise man?” the other one responds, “That’s easy. It’s someone who never stops trying to become a great wise man.” “But that’s crazy,” says the second man, “because he already is a great wise man.” “Yes,” says the first, “but that’s only because he never stops trying.”

Here is the List of Nepal’s first women, who did hard work to get this title.

Climb the Mt. Everest- Pasanglhamu Sherpa
Principal - Angur Baba Joshi
Engineer- Kanti Malla
Pilot- Raksya Rana
Minister- Dwarika Devi Thakurani
Kingship- Maya Devi, Binydevi, Radhadevi, Dharmadevi
Police Inspector- Neelam Devi
Woman Justice- Sharada Shrestha
C.D.O- Usha Nepal
Receive Madan Puraskar- Parijat
Ambassador- Bindeshwari Shah
Municipality Member- Sadhana Devi Pradhan
Party President- Pampha Bhushal
Editor- UMA Kumari Kamasksya,Kumari Sadhana Pradhan
Get Driving Licenses- Manchhura Devi
Lok Sewa Ayog's member- Uma Pandey
Film Actress- Bhuwan Thapa (Chand)
Secretary of HMG- Chandra Kala Kiran
Pass the SLC- Prabha Rajya Laxmi Devi Rana
Board First in SLC- Luna Bhatta
Ph.D.- Prabha Basnet
Ph.D from T.U.- Bindu Lohani
Ph.D. in - Banira Giri
Ph.D. in Nepali- Subhadra Subba
Ph.D. in Psychology- Araju Rana (Deuba)


kunal said...

thanks for good investigation. hope this really influence nepalese girls to come up.

your well wisher, kunal

Salik said...

Nice to see the details I'd long forgotten.

And I agree with what Kunal wrote. There is hope for other Nepalis bloggers, and writers, now.

Anonymous said...

pampha bhusal not pampha bhushal

bikalsh said...

Nice list.