What do women want from Man?

Today I got the article “What Women Want”. So far it’s the best I have ever read article about “what women want”. I have also talked with my so many female friends and they also told the same things I think this is the common things which women wants from Man.

Good luck here is the cool tips for you guys.

The top things women want FROM MEN, in order, are:

1. Confidence (or Power) / Self Dependent - Confidence is the number one quality women look for. Don't be wimpy. Don't apologize for everything. Be real. Be you. Women appreciate a man who is creative/independent.

2. Sense of humor (Fun) - Women love a man who can make her laugh. If you are dull, you are boring. If you make a woman laugh, you're halfway home. Take a chance, be real, but be funny.

3. Security / Money - Women want a sense of security, to know that her partner will be there if she becomes sick or when she grows old or flabby.

4. Women LOVE a man with a plan. Women love men with ambition.

5. A little bit of "Bad boy" qualities (Mysterious and Independent/Strong)

6. Looks (Protection and Attraction)

7. All the other stuff they typically list (varies - sensitive, caring, etc.)

8. Women want to be loved, despite their flaws, and need to be satisfied mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as much as physically. Women want to be treated like they are the beautiful woman on the planet and that no other woman compares.

9. Women want a man to listen to them (yes, even to the gripes and details of all the craziness) and not necessarily give advice.

10. Women want you to be a faithful.

Picture Courtesy: nepalism.com


मेरो नेपाल - मेरो देश मलाई लाग्छ प्यारो

Today I heard this song more than 20 times. I simply like this song. Most of the time I work with foreigners and I never say Nepal is poor country/ politically corrupted. I always show them beautiful Nepal’s picture . हुन त अब सगरमाथा र बुद्द बाहेक अरु गौरव गर्ने कुरो म केही भेत्दिन तै पनि I love Nepal & after all I need to introduce myself as a Nepali.

Art by Dovan Rai. Song is by Raju Lama.

तिमीलाई म भुल्न सक्दिन जहाँ जाउँ तिम्रो याद आईरहन्छ
यो खोला, यो नाला, यो पहाड-भन्ज्याङ्गले मलाई बोलाइरहन्छ
तिमीलाई म भुल्न सक्दिनजहाँ जाउँ तिम्रो याद आईरहन्छ
यो खोला, यो नाला, यो पहाड-भन्ज्याङ्गले मलाई बोलाइरहन्छ

मेरो नेपाल मेरो नेपाल मेरो नेपाल
मेरो देश मलाई लाग्छ प्यारो
मेरो देश मलाई लाग्छ प्यारो

डाँडाकाँडा हरियाली यहाँ आँगनै भिरलालिगुराँस, चाँप, चमेली फुल्छ
थरीथरीखोला, नाला, झरनाको मिठो सुसेलीआईरहन्छ
यो मनमा झलझलीआईरहन्छ यो मनमा झलझली

मेरो नेपाल मेरो नेपाल मेरो नेपाल
मेरो देश मलाई लाग्छ प्यारो
मेरो देश मलाई लाग्छ प्यारो

सगरमाथा शिर बनी यहाँ उभिएको छ
करौडौँ मुटुमाझ तिमी सजिएको छ
विर, माहात्मा, बुद्ध जन्मिएको देश मलाई
प्यारो प्यारो लाग्छ आफ्नै स्वदेश
मलाई प्यारा लाग्छ आफ्नै स्वदेश

मेरो नेपाल मेरो नेपाल मेरो नेपाल
मेरो देश मलाई लाग्छ प्यारो
मेरो देश मलाई लाग्छ प्यारो

तिमीलाई म भुल्न सक्दिन जहाँ जाउँ तिम्रो याद आईरहन्छयो खोला,
यो नाला, यो पहाड-भन्ज्याङ्गले मलाई बोलाइरहन्छ

मेरो नेपाल मेरो नेपाल मेरो नेपाल मेरो देश
मलाई लाग्छ प्यारोमेरो देश मलाई लाग्छ प्यारो
मेरो देश मलाई लाग्छ प्यारो

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IT Training सुरु

Women In ICT ले अर्गनाइज गरेको training सुरु भई सकेको छ । १० जना महिला दिदी बहिनिहरु बिहानको चिसो चिसो बातावरणमा केही सिक्ने हतारोको साथ छिटो छिटो कम्प्युटर सिक्ने कक्षा तिर पस्नु हुन्छ।

हुन त १० जनाको लागि मात्रै सिट थियो तर १०० जना जती इच्छुक महिलाले फोन गर्नु भएको थियो। ट्रैनिङ सन्चालन भई रहेको छ अहिले मैलेनै Graphic Designing/Web Designing पढाउदै छु।

teaching about web technology :)

त्यसपछीको अर्को हार्डवयर र प्रोग्रामिङ क्रमस मुना जि र आरती जि ले पढाउनु हुन्छ। मेरो लागि एका बिहानै उठ्नु भनेको धेरै ठुलो कुरा हो म राती अबेला सम्म काम गर्छु मेरो दैनिकी म २ घण्टा बढेको छ अर्थात म २ घण्टा काम सुतिरहेको छु।

हाम्रो course design अनुसार आज Guest Speakers को पालो थियो यो दिन हाम्रो पाहुना हरु आएर Motivational Speech दिनु हुन्छ। आज का पाहुना Fair Trade Group कि निना शाही र क्यानडा बाट आएका सोन यो हुनुहुन्थ्यो।

Our Guest Ms. Nina Shahi and Mr. Sean Yo sharing their experiences.

कम्प्युटर शिक्षामा मलाई धेरै theory भएको पटक्कै मन पर्दैन तेसैले धेरै भन्दा धेरै practicals थोरै समयमा गराउन प्रयासरत छु। अस्तु।


Free IT Training for women

It is our pleasure to share with you that Women in IT(WIT) will be organizing a training
program to updgrade technical skills of women. We anticipate that it will support in increasing their technical proficiency and enable them to enter into higher positions in the job environment.

I will be coordinating this training program. Mr. Bibhusan and Ms. Shikha Shrestha will also be engaging in the intervention on behalf of BellaSAP as BellaSAP will be providing finanical support to the training program.

We will be initiating the training program from July 15 2007- August 31 2007. Therefore, we need your support and cooperation in finding 10 potential women for the training program. Some of the preliminary criteria are the participants should be 10+2 pass and have Computer Diploma or Basic Knowledge.

Most preferences will be given to women of marginalized sections. The training courses will cover: Graphic Designing , Software Development/ Programming and Hardware Training provided by women professionals. There will be some Guest Speakers who will be sharing their experiences to motivate the women participants. We will anticipate your support and cooperation. Please feel free to communicate with me for further information.

We would like to request you to conform your placement by July 14th Noon. Thank you.



By: Rajendra Keshari Pandey

I feel very fortunate when people spontaneously provide me with subject matter and spices for my writing. Most of my articles’ titles have sprouted from people’s mouths. Such is this incident which happened recently and made my life easy. Normally, I live four days a week in Kathmandu and three days at Nagarkot. ...

... I have erected a pole at our Nagarkot house where Nepal’s National Flag is flying proudly, also in Kathmandu my residence has a similar National Flag flying happily. I am very honoured to be Nepali and living in this wonderful country.

That fine evening my neighbour started chatting with me and raised the question as to why I am putting Nepal’s National Flag on top of the house. I said each and every Nepali is allowed, eligible and capable to display Nepal’s National Flag. There is no need to obtain approval or authority if a Nepali wishes to put his National Flag on his home. Nepal is deep within Nepalese’ around the world and they should all be proud of their nation. My answer did not satisfy him and he was still in a dilemma about that very flag. He said further. “You know, I heard there was a talk about this subject among within our community”. If this is correct, then I will call it a marginal state of mind among the community members. Really! what an issue to discuss and use their precious time in such matters. When a Nepali proudly puts his National Flat on top of his roof they should see such issues in a positive light and be wise enough to understand the sentiment behind it.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal has declared Nepal a secular state. I have observed many people putting up flags of various religious beliefs as per their choice, which is right. People are free to express, demonstrate and live as per their wishes. This is freedom. There should not be any negative gossip when a Nepali wishes to honour his/her national pride and national flag wherever he/she goes. Nepal and Nepali is synonymous. I just remembered a beautiful song about our National Flag that goes like this…

रातो र चन्द्र सुर्य जङि निशान् हाम्रो
जल्दो रगत सरी बल्झिदो सान् हाम्रो
हिमाल झैं अटल यो झुकेन यो कहिले
लत्रेन यो कहिले जङी निशान् हाम्रो
हिमाल झैं अटल यो झुकेन यो कहिले
लत्रेन यो कहिले जङी निशान् हाम्रो
यो जन्मिदै जगत माकैयोन् प्रहर आये
सम्राज दुई हारेहारेन सान हाम्रो
रातो र चन्द्र सुर्य जङि निशान् हाम्रो
जल्दो रगत सरी बल्झिदो सान् हाम्रो
जब सम्म चन्द्र सुर्यआकाशमा रहन्छ
तब सम्म हुन्छ आफ्नै रातो रगत हाम्रो
गाई सरी छन् साधुजो जो यह जगत् मा
सबको सन्पत्ति यो जङि निशान् हाम्रो
रातो र चन्द्र सुर्य जङि निशान् हाम्रो
जल्दो रगत सरी बल्झिदो सान् हाम्रो

Nepal’s National Flag is for Nepali anywhere and everywhere.

Women Pic curtesy : nepalism website


२०६३ सालको SLC Result एही हप्तामा

२०६३ सालको SLC को result एही हप्तामा हुने जानकारी परिक्षा नियन्त्रण कार्यलयले जनाएको छ। यो हप्तामा पनि छिटो भन्दा छिटो निकाल्न दुर्त गतिमा काम भै रहेको छ रे अरुबेलाको परिक्षाको खासै कसैलाई मतलब नभए पनि यो एस.एल.सी को चाँही सबै लाई चासो हुने। एस्पालिको result त ३-४ वटा पत्रीकामा पो निस्कने भएछ जस्तै Kathmandu Post, Annupurna post, The Himalayan Times र गोर्खापत्रमा पनि निस्कने प्रबल सम्भावना छ रे। तेस्तै गरेर परिक्षा नियन्त्रण कार्यलयको अफिसिएल वेबसाइट http://soce.gov.np/ अरु बेभ साइट
www.moe.gov.np, www.doe.gov.np, http://www.ekantipur.com/, www.bhaktapurinfo.com , www.guru.com.np मा पनि Result हेर्न सकिने छ । हाम्रा भाग्यमानी भाई बहिनिहरुले मोबाईलबाट 1400 र 1600 मा फोन गरेर पनि result थाहा पाउन सक्ने छन ।

मैले आजकालका भाई बहिनी हरु लाई यस् अर्थमा भाग्यमानी भनेको हु कि कमसेकम हाम्रा पालामा जस्तो (करिब १० बर्ष अगाडि) एस.एल.सी को result थाहा पाउन गार्हो त हुने छैन बाफ्रे त्यो गोर्खापत्र सस्थानमा त लाठी चार्ज नै हुन्थ्यो । रेडियोमा ७ बजेको समाचारमा result निस्क्यो भन्ने थाहा पाएर पनि १० बजे सम्म पत्रीका हेर्न नपाउदा त कम्ता टेन्सन त हुदैन थियो।

फेरी आजकाल त २५ मार्कको ईंग्लिश र कम्प्युटरको practical हुने रैछ, स्कुल ले त २५ मा २५ नै दिदा रैछन। क्या मज्जा है !!!!! फेरी आज कालका भाई बहिनीहरु त फर्स्ट, सेकेन्ड ल्याएर केही महत्व हुँदैन रे distinction नै ल्याए मात्रै value हुन्छ भन्छन । लौ बधाई छ!!!!

धेरै जसो भाई बहिनीहरु पास भए पछी के पढ्ने भनेर पहिलेनै decide गर्ने रैछन । हाम्रो पालाको जस्तो first आए science, second आए commerce, third आए arts भन्ने नहुने रैछ । धेरै जसो ले आफै सोच्ने रैछन । बाबु, आमा दिदी दाई लाई टेन्सन नै नहुने । ल मेरो तर्फ बाट सबै एस.एल.सी दिने लाई अहिले देखी बधाई छ। मन थामेर बस्नु result छिट्टै निस्कदै छ। :)

pic source: kathmandu don bosco website