ब्लगरहरुको लिन्क भएको साइट लाईभ भयो

वेबसाईट को नाम www.bloggers.com.np हो । एदी तपाईंको साइट वा ब्लग मा यो साइट्को लिन्क राख्न परेमा वेबसाईट मा गएर राईट साइडको कोड कपि पेस्ट गर्नु होला बाकी पछि लेखौला । अहिले अलि हतार मा छु ।

Are u Nepali?
Then let’s get together……….."
- blogger suresh


gaurab said...

Thanks archana ji for this effort,
it is easy to get access and know all the blogs and bloggers of nepal inside one umbrella.

vin said...

AG, this is really great thing to have - a directory of blogs maintained by Nepalese people all around the world.

The top item in my "Wish-List", would be to have descriptions/comments/ratings systems. There is one php open-source module called dew-phpLinks that might be so fit. You know NG is an expert in this.

archana said...

oh yes vinayak i was also thinking the same. is there anybody want to contribute converting in that system you or narayan or suresh or anybody who knows this stuff?

Sadhana said...

Hey Archu Di!!

Once again Great job!! Its good to see all the nepali bloggers in one site. Its easy ..!! Thanks alot for all the effort and hardwork..Good Work Bandu Di and Harka Ji!! and all other members who are involved.

All the Nepali people keep on blogging!!!!!