Women in ICT : Book Published

.......Nepalese women together in crafting future directions for raising women’s voice in ICT sector. ICT should be used for promoting quality lives of poor rural women in Nepal.........

read more in book

Many thanks to Smriti ji for helping me to design layout of this book and many thanks to Shikha ji for wonderful support and thanks to Bellanet and Sap International for historic workshop and thanks to all people who were involved in making of this book.


Anonymous said...

Speed dating ?? huh ?? Is Nepal really that far ahead !! hehe

And has the population of Nepal gone down .. 22 million ??

BlogGossipCorner said...

Archana jee, the gossip no. 6 has been constructed.
you should be happy now.

archana said...
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archana said...

22.7 million according to Central Bureau of Statistics, 2001

Vaibhav Dugar said...

Congrats on the effort that u r making to keep yr blog up to date and happening.. it's commendable work..

I m an avid blogger, jus love to write and experiment on the blog..

keep writing/blogging,
Jai Nepal

nNepali said...

2001 is too far back .. Do we trust the UN version or the Central Bureau of Statistics !!

I always check BBC country profile..