5 tech gadgets for women

A look at technology with a feminine side

Here’s the latest gadgets to satisfy both the inner geek and girly girl:

1. Pink laptop
Sony VAIO C Series Laptop, Pink, Green & Silver Colors, $1,449.99.
- Designed to express personality, new line of slim notebooks comes in five hip colors.
- Backed by an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor, the VAIO C model also has plenty of power for high-speed computing and an energy-efficient battery life so you can enjoy games, music and movies longer.
- Weighting in at about 5 pounds.
- The model also serves as a well-equipped home theater away from home. It features a 13.3-inch widescreen display (measured diagonally).

*** मेरो परिसश्रमलाई साथ दिने, गरी खाने भाडो, I like the black/silver color laptops. pink is too much feminine. अतीनै झिल्की

2. Digital camera
Casio EXILIM Hi-ZOOM EX-V7 $399.99.

- Casio 7.2-megapixel
- This new model is the world's slimmest digital camera with a 7X optical zoom lens. Easily fits in a shirt pocket or small purse.
- "Auto Tracking AF" function follows moving subjects, keeping them continuously in focus until the photo is taken.
- Anti Shake reduces blur due to shaky hands and subject movement, using high shutter speeds and high sensitivity settings.
- Electronic camera shake compensation function eliminates blur when shooting in movie mode.
- Records 16:9 wide-aspect movies compatible with wide-screen TVs.

***Share the moment..... this is the perfect one but the price is abit expensive तर सामान दामि छ। For me camera is most essential तर अहिलेलाइ 5 mgpix ले पनि काम चल्छ ।

3.Fashion phone
Nokia 7380 Fashion Phone, $359.99.
- Accentuated with leather, cloth, metal, and ceramic-inspired finishes.
- Glass mirror display with light-enhanced effects.
- Capture the spotlight with a 2-megapixel camera.
- 2-megapixel camera, Video streaming.
- Bluetooth wireless technology.
- Shared memory of 52 MB for user data: contacts, text messages, Integrated music player for MP3/AAC/M4A formats.
- FM radio (requires stereo headset, sold separately).

*** I am always fund of new mobile phone set. My sis is sending me new mobile set as a birthday gift. haa haa i am so excited. पुरानोलाइ के गर्ने ? secondhand बेच्ने कतै ठाउँ छ ;-)

4.Pink XM radio
Pink XM radioXM Radio Pink Pioneer Inno, $199.99.
- Support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's
fight against breast cancer. $30 from each inno sold and
activated go to the Komen Foundation.
- Live XM when portable or docked.
- MP3 (WMA) storage and play.
- 50 hours storage of XM recordings.
- Compatible with XM + Napster.
- Built-in wireless FM transmitter.

*** हरपलको साथी kantipur fm, image fm, classic fm, star fm, kath fm अरु सुन्दिन

Origim's Superior Lady Diamond MP3 Watch D01, $109.99.
- All in one: MP3 Player for 3D Music (MP3, WMA, ASF), 512 MB Flash USB 2.0 drive to carry digital photos, documents and music all together.
- Built-in Digital Voice Recorder with MIC allows you to record 18 hours conversation.
- Max play time: 6-8 hours for full recharge
- Color: silver dial with pink bank .
*** यो चाँही काम लागेन मलाई , मोबाईलमै टाइम हेर्छु । girls you can try out who is really fund of diamond watchs.


kamal raj said...

awesome .. so nice informations archana ... it will very good who r looking for new technology or buying.

for 2nd hand products from this link u can sale :-)

one comment why did mentioned "5 tech gadgets for women" ? :-)

i think these gadgets r for man also.. isn't it?

anyway good job !

archana said...

kamal thanks for website link.
no doubt man can use these gadgets.

tara kohi kohi saaman keti ko color ko chha :) :) . i mean jhilki.

Hortensia said...

I like Pink laptop :)

Speed said...

haha yeha kind of feminine gadget but still i like the Vaio, green 1

Author said...

Thanx mam, thanx for providing such nice information. Actually i was so confused, yo pali meri unilai usko b'day ma ke gift diu bhanera. Now that confusion is cleared. I will give her a laptop as b'day gift.

Katai hajurle mero problem bujhera yo information published garnu bhako ta hoina? hehehehe

archana said...

she will definitely like your gift. modern technology for modern super girl :) :) :)

Nnepali said...

Are you gently hinting to us that this is your wishlist ??? If only I didn't have a fat wife, 5 hunger kids to feed, I would have showered you with these gifts of your choice...

archana said...

my birthday is coming up so obviously hinting to my bf but the problem is he doesn’t read blog slog.

Kya phased. LOL

अम्बिका गिरी said...

Good site ! Very informative. I really like it. Keep it up Archana Ji...

Utshab said...

Well archana, u have done a good job providing informations of latest technology but it is not fair that u have only mentioned for the gals and have discriminated to the boys. Hope that u will definitely collect for the boyz, too. And, i can refer ur blog to my gf and may be she also can gift me such cute things.

Prajwol said...

I wanted to get the Vaio, but Sony didn't approve my credit so had to stick with. Anyways, I heard their customer service is pathetic (I am being like "Grapes are sour).

Well Archana, if you continue posting u'r "wishlist" like this, boys definitely will have to mask your site from their wife/girlfriends :)

BTW, I was going through your blog and read about Appriciation Award in Science & Technology from Patan Lady Jaycees on 2007.

Congratulation, keep up the good work.

Ashish Lohorung Rai said...

so sad you did not mention about the grapics card or xbox coz it is the carze of gamers. but i know that girls are little back in gaming. why? comom girls you are not weak i know. so why don't trying gaming. to start i name few of my all time fav games.

1. Rise Of nations: it takes a whole lot of time and computer configuration should be nice

2. AOE Series(Age Of Empries): Coool this is. Ask a gamer about this then you know aobut it.

These two are strategic types of games called RPGs( Role Playing Games)

Another is FPS (First Person Shooter);

1. Call of Duty:My most fav FPS games of all time. I never satisfy or bore playing this in multiplayer mode.

2. Counter Strike: Cool one this too.

Some others to name are prince of persia, lord of the rings, robin hood: legend of sheerhood etc.

Just look around and buy they are very cheap due to piracy :)...though i know piracy has cause d the game developer a huge loss.

So just take advantage of living in Nepal. It cost around 50 to 100. not more...

Next time do try to post gaming gadzget too. i love to read it.

archana said...

i really hate playing computer games. keti haru le pani computer games khelchha ra??
alchhi laagchha. :) :)

Ashish Lohorung Rai said...

is the lack of gaming craze in girls is just laziness or something other? i mean time, interests or ....? but you can make gaming a good business in the future. though it is just starting in Nepal it has go a long way. though i don't force you...i request to just try.

happy gaming!!:)

Speed said...

Its just the fact that gurls do not enjoy pulling out peoples heart or moving around shooting peoples head . Only way to involve women in gaming is to create games that can attach emotions .And i guess nentindo is targeting audinces like women with their new comsole wii. but gaming need not have superbe graplics and life like reality forit to be addictive. i mean i have sen gurls (also guys) playing silly games like minesweeper and small flash games and being addicted to it but i have never ever seen a single woman playing far cry or half-life .

but then its just like the old probove goes " the world would be a lot better place if women could be understood"
kk have fun blogging

aashish said...

hello can any body help me....

ma fm mero website bata live bajos bhannu chahan6u ,,, tara malai tyo gadget halna aayena

i saw it in : www.bigcollectionsof songs.blogspot.com ma paye but tesko blogger is not responding me... plz anybody help me


Mike said...

Nice post!! very informative.. The tech gadgets collections looks marvelous.. Thanks for the post.