Directory of Nepalese Web Gurus

I found very good site to list all Nepalese IT professional. The site will be very good platform to find out best/professional web gurus for IT company, business houses and any other international IT company.

The site also allows the IT professional to put their expertise and portfolio.
Simply register yourself to get this feature.

Get listed without any cost. http://webguru.com.np/
The site was created by Dharan’s Young Webdeveloper.


seema said...

i wish i could regisger in site but i am not a web guru :(

Amit said...

Nice site. But the validation process says 3 business days which is kinda sad. Anyways, lookin forward to it.

gaurab said...

good concept keep it up

gaurab said...

good concept keep it up

Vahsek said...

ummmmmmm hats off to you

Krish said...


Thanx for your blog about webguru.com.np. It's nice huh.... i like it. I just signed up