Netherland’s Software Company in Banepa IT Park

Finally Netherland’s Software Company called “Javra software” expanded their office in Nepal. The contracts with the government and suppliers were signed at the beginning of March, 2006.

They think about Nepal has excellent university education in ICT and a positive climate in which ICT companies in Kathmandu can operate. They said "Nepal still has many highly educated ICT professionals who are available at reasonable rates, while in India there is a scarcity and the thinking of the new generation of ICT professionals in Nepal fits in well with that of their clients."

They are enthusiastic about the local developments and hopes that the decision to expand to Nepal will enable them not only to keep their clientIs satisfied, but also make a contribution to high-quality employment opportunity in this wonderful country, a country that is no longer just beautiful, hospitable and friendly, but is now also – despite the constant political wrangling – a very promising location in the field of ICT indeed.

source: javra website.


Niraj said...

archana ji, yo ta sarhai ramro kura ho. tesle hamlai kaam dine raichha ani nepali IT company pani tya basna paune raichha?

ali badhi detail paye huntyo. saathi haru kasai lai thaha chha bhane. hya lekhau hai . ma herdai garaula.

gaurab said...

great news for the it sector of nepal,but this is not sufficient for fullflling the demand of the unemployed it students.The goverment should lead from the front to contract more it companies,but due the current political scenario the future still looks dull .Bringing new it companies along do not solve the problem the it students students must be made practical through various real life training in the college itself.Then only you get the educated and qualified it profesonnel.If not the case then only the experienced guys will be shortlisted no chance for the new ones.

minu said...

yea, you are right gaurab we have to do lots of things to go ahead with IT field. yes right now college degree is curse for me as am unemployed since 6 month everybody search for experienced one.

unemployed IT student

archana said...

minu please go to www.jobsnepal.com . you can find so many IT related job. Hope this might help you. there is vacancy in our office also. pls see the jobsnepal.com we have posted job details.

good luck.

hem acharya said...

thats a good news. btw how many companies are coming to banepa IT park... till now

archana said...

5 companies are interested to come in Banepa IT Park but they need to fulfill some criteria of IT park . Right now only one IT company(javra software) is operationg from banepa IT park.

frank said...

Hello Archana, nice to see the name of our company so positive on your website (I am the guy on the left on the picture). Thanks.

And yes, we operate since 1 year in Nepal and since the first of november in the IT park. Still as only company but hopefully other companies will follow soon. The place is great! At this moment there are working around 30 programmers for Javra and around 10 other people around the company and we have some new job oppertunities on Nepaljobs. We think we can help the IT sector in Nepal a little bit this way.
And for Minu, we are also hiring fresh graduates and try to prevent, as much as possible, to "buy" expirienced persons from other companies. So feel free to react.


lava said...

That is true Frank. If you just hire fresh graduates, you need to pay too much less, Cheaper than other Companis' Pay ad benefits. If you need to hire experienced people from other companies Youneed to pay more, which yor company can't. Moreover, your Company may not have such challanging positions and jobs too that requires experts. Please declare how much could you pay for freshers like us?

Anonymous said...

Now Frank is unanswered. Lava You are true. It is proven Outsourcing company is the place where company pay less and profit lot.

Anonymous said...

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