Favorite color’s site that I made…

Personally I like this site so much because I used my favorite color for this site. Thanks god!! customer liked the site. eeeeh I always like the orange color. I can’t imagine the world without orange color. Orange is a power color. It is one of the healing colors. Orange is a vibrant color that awakens our senses each morning.

Here is the some of Orange Color's Characteristics
- Warm color
- Yang Color
- Water Element
- Sacral chakra (2nd Chakra)
- Color of joy, enthusiasm and creativity
- Created by mixing the colors of yellow,(color of happiness) and red, (color of energy)
- Symbolizes energy, warmth, and the sun
- Stimulating Color: stimulates emotions and appetites
- Ideal color to be noticed without being center stage.

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gaurab said...

hello archana ji tapai ko sabai design dammi lagyo ani euta kura tapai le sabai site haru ma curvy banner i mean pen tool use garnu bha raicha ,tara pen tool use nagarda pani ramro design banauna sakinna ra,khas kura ma pani bharkhar design siki rakeho ko tara pen tool chai aundaina.suggestion dinus na .

archana said...

It is not necessary to make curvy type of website. Non curvy site can be good. if you are beginner then you can start with simple site with good theme.
Please see

www.archana.com.np/portfolio.htm you can find so many non curvy site also.

thanks for visiting my blog. keep on browsing........

Anonymous said...

Nice updates and cool site.
Reality Bites

umesh said...

Nice and cool sites....

sbs said...

Thanks for information.


nintynine said...

The design looks simple yet beutifull.