Making A Fresh Start...... new beginning............

Every morning look into the mirror and say, “I have a bigger role to play in life.” These simple words can make your day on a regular basis. Your firm determination is bound to keep you in supreme working condition fully prepared for playing a bigger role in life. And in a short span of time, you will observe your day is getting better. Clearly define your objectives and jot down every single detail of your big dreams and ambitious goals. You must try to bring a bigger YOU out of your own person so that you are able to reach those big goals.
• This is a new day, a new and bright beginning
• I will handle assignments and tasks with zeal and vigour
• No task is great or small, I will treat all equally and give them their due time and attention
• I will pursue all activities with joy-filled attention
• My mind will be focused on the moment and now and will not wander fruitlessly into the past or fly into the future
• Today is mine, I shall invest in it the best of all I have!
Get Inspired: Live A Full Life
- Enjoy and live every moment to the fullest and try to gain/ learn something out of each.
- Notice the changes by asking questions and finding their solutions.
- Stop complaining about and judging other people, and accept them with
their short-comings.
- Master the art of forgiveness.
- Empathize with other people's feelings and learn from their experiences in life.
- Stand for yourself and develop a sense of self-reliance and security.
- Work to your best capability towards anything you feel is worth achieving.


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