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I have been receiving heaps of email regarding IT career and IT education. I am going to share the things which I know.

Q1. Is IT good to study?
Yes education is good either you study ICT(Information Communication Technology) or Cookery or
Hairdressing or Doctor. But being IT professional I can say it has a bright future. Now everything connected through ICT and wherever you go, It has same language and techniques. You can sell your skills globally.

Q2. What to study to be an IT professional?
Any IT Related bachelor/masters degree or short term professional course. You need to figure out your interest, if you love creative job you may go for web/graphic designing course. If you love animation, you may go for multimedia course. If you love hardware things, you may go for hardware, networking course. In Nepal most of the IT related bachelor degree have all subject basic course but later on you can specialized on your favourite one.

Q3. Is it easy to get job after study?
There are so many IT Company in Nepal and if you are skilled, smart, hardworking and if you can demonstrate well, you can easily get the job.

And don’t think you will get job as soon as you finish your study, you need to have professional knowledge to get good job. As Nepal’s IT college doesn’t provide much professional techniques, you can apply for part time volunteer work while you study so that you can secure the job after you finish your study. Remember the harder you work , the more luck you have. :)

Q4. What kind of Career opportunities will I get?
career in the IT sector has no limits anymore. There are a large number of job roles available for eg. Web/graphic designer, web developer enterprise systems application developer, quality assurance analyst, project manager, multimedia developer, systems architect, business requirements analyst, technical writer, application integration specialist, user interface analyst, contract manager, data warehouse architect, data mining specialist, hardware, network, software and help desk manager etc.

Q5.How much will I earn?
In Nepal most of the IT company’s starting salary is around 8K it goes up to 50K+ per month as per your skills and experience. You can
click here for International salary range.

Q6. So how much salary I can expect in the beginning of my career?

When I did Data Entry job after 10+2 in 1998, I got Nrs1500 per month. I was very happy to get that money because that was my first job. In the beginning of your career do not go for money just try to learn as much as you can. After you get few year experiences you can demand your salary in fact you can write your own cheque. ;)

Q7. How do I get job in Nepal?
You need to make professional resume, you can find resume samples in google and you can try apply thru different advertisement published in Newspaper as well as try applying online through jobsnepal.com, merojobs.com, jobvacancynepal.com.np and www..bmjobs.com etc

Q8. What should I do If I do not get job in Nepal?
Do not get dipressed and do not panic. You need to know to sell your skills in global market. There are so many website which provide the home based job. Similarly you can bid the project from www.rentacoder.com, www.elance.com, www.freelance.com etc.

Q9. Will I be successful?
Albert Einstein says "Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." Well success has so many definitions. Some people think earning so much money is success, some people think owing big company, big house, luxuries car and getting name and fame is success. But In my view success is satisfaction you get in life. If you are happy and satisfied, you are successful.

Q10. What should I do to be a good IT Professional?
Positive attitude, smart, can do attitude, always willing to learn new things, honest, patience, good communication skills, time calculations, hardworking and team player. Personally I like fun loving and full of humorous people.

At last,
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Good Luck.


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