अर्जेन्टिना र ब्राजिलले हारे पछी वर्ल्डकप सकियो रे

अर्जेन्टिना र ब्राजिलले हारे पछी कत्ती नेपालीको मुटु दुखेको छ। वोर्ल्ड कपको दाबेदार मानिएका यि दुई देश हारे पछी यो दुई देश को सपोर्टरहरु अरु गेम नहेर्ने भन्छन नि त हो। अर्जेन्टिनाको हार पछीको फेसबुक का केही रमाइला स्टाटस.......

- मेरो लागि आज बाट वर्ल्डकप सकियो आज बाट मैले वर्ल्डकप हेर्दिन

- Argentina what u did, very bad gift on my B-Day !! sorry for u guys, still cheers for u guys!Argentina

- now holland have to win woldcup.............................????

- Huna ta ma argentina supporter hoina, tara aja malai argentina ko ekdum maya lagi ra cha

- I was not supporting Argentina. It's because simply, I don't want to see Maradona.. naked anymore :)

- I am in a shock... Com'on messi do some magic with your left leg.guys pray for Argentina..

- 4 goals was not ènough . Sud have attempt 11 for each player n 1 more complimentary for maradona ...

- Australia gayooo......Brazilll gayoooo......Aurgerntina gayooo......aba ma pani gayeee ...... Bye bye world cup.....!!!!!!!!

- My Boys are so dissappointed Argentina lost!!! They are sulking, mad, oozing out bad attitude...Hubby didn't even want to speak to me from far far away....How can this game of football have so much effect on my loved ones????

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bishal gurung said...

spain n england r d most favourites..
now its turn to germany spain n holand....
argentina n brazil may have many supporter but dey deserve it from d begining...dey hav lack of quality...like argentina weakest defence..weak control in mid...n about brazil kaka is not in form n dey r not including star player like ronaldinho n alexandro pato...its obvious says dat dey dont hav quality to lift d trophy....in d european side u can c d defence n counter attack of germany...holding d midfield n possesion of spain..n david villa supop strike...well defence of nederland..n always eye catchin performance of arjen roben..n well attacking snieder n van persie,kuyt,....europeans hav much much better side dan americans...one or two man cant win d worldcup like cristiano from portugal, tevez n messi from argentina....its a football, so all 11 players counts on it..