Smiling to your problems

Now a days we are having lots of problem in Nepal like Deepak ji said in his blog " These days, traffic jam is sucking us. We cannot reach anywhere in time. Our road network cannot accommodate the overwhelming numbers of vehicles. But, who cares? The government has other big fishes to fry: transition, peace process, constituent assembly election etc. Who cares for Ram, Syam and Hari?

The reason I embarked on a bus is: my motorbike has run out of petrol and I don't have time to stay in hours long queues. The petrol problem is only the tip of the iceberg. Your cell phone doesn't work because there is always no network and even if by chance you got the line, you can't understand the other person's voice. You will be greeted by garbage on the road; it hasn't
been picked since a week or two. Light goes of in every weekend. Your apartment does not have running water. The list is endless. "

I have got very beautiful article from the book “Life Skills” published by unicef. Thanks to my dad for this book.

Smiling to your problems

When we encounter a problem, our instinctive reaction is to run away from it. We simply blame others or blame it on fate and we usually react negatively: Gosh! hate it ! I an so unfortunate, I am stuck..

Life is made up of problem. Living is an unending journey of solving problems. When you solve one problem, and find yourself soon caught in another problems, you are not back at the starting point. While dealing with each and every problem. You are developing your capacity and gaining confidence in tackling life's varying situations. In the journey of growth, our environment also changes accordingly, and new problems mirrors the higher level of knowledge and competence we gain from tackling earlier problems.

If we have never taken actions to solve our problem, our ability remains at the same level, and we will never be able to evolve. Problem-solving provides human beings with opportunities to evolve, and develop his or her full potential.

Learn to live with your problems- if there is no solution now.

Sometimes, we cannot resolve the problem at hand because they are associated with powerful external factors over which we have no control. we may be worried or frustrated, but there is no way to solve them given the circumstances. A typical example is war. For instance, thousand of Jews were sent to death camps by the German Nazis during the Second World War. There was no chance of escape at all. It was difficult to survive the daily ordeal, including hard labour, disease and starvation in the death camps, where the aim was to torture, and eventually extinguish all the jewish people. Many of those arrested and detained in the camp could only live with the hope that their lives would be saved when the Nazis lost the war.

Cought in such a situation, the best we can do is put the problem aside for the moment and move on to other things we can do. We are not escaping from the problem, but waiting for an opportune moment to arise that will bring a solution. We have to learn to live with such problems without stressing ourselves out, or sinking into depression. The ability to do it requires great courage and patience.

Tackling problems involves the use of our mind. The process enhances our capacity to solve greater problems.


basanta said...

Nice posting Archanajee.
I wish I could also smile to my problems. I will try from now on.

norrbu said...

you want the problem to smile back at you, not frown on you. that'd be seriously dangerous.

Prajwol said...

I have same problem Basanta ji :) ....I can recommend others to smile to their problems, but I completely forget to smile when I endure some. I guess after reading this post I'll try to make a voluntary effort to smile every time I screw up, leaving my old habit of cursing. :)

Sagun Chalise said...

Hi Archana,

I read through ur new blog article "Smiling to your problems ." The article seems to address the general people problems, as you said in the article that Smiling to your problems but how long? As we see in nepal, people are still in the same problem from the past 10 years, but still the maoist problem is the same. People are suffering a lot. No one is behind them, eveyone looks for his/ her benefits. No one cares for the general people. It's a human psychology that if u are safe, you dont care of others, same is happening in Nepal. People in the city are far safe than those of people living in rural areas. But even now also people in rural areas are facing the same problems.No one cares of those things. So, how long the people can smile keeping their indefinite problems at the top of their head.

So i am so sad when i remember my country, since i have no answer to make our people happy, no answers at all.


archana said...

Sagun, We don't have other option also. As I run the business. I hardly can run 18 days in one month because of Nepal band and Chakka jam. Like I said there is endless problem. We tried to solve as much we can but there is certain problem which can't be solved at that moment like aandolan of mao, Nepal band, Electricity problem, Petrol problem. We can't even escape from this problem; we have to face it directly. Problem is not going be solved if we make sad face or if we blame others so in that situation we have to smile to our problem. It really works!!!
At least we feel relax.