Sujin.com.np browser Hi-Jack (virus) removal software

आज बिहानै चिसोमा ल्यापटपमा ईमेल चेक गर्दै थिए। झल्याय्स आँखा ब्राउजरको टाइटलमा पर्‍यो । याहू खोल्दा टाइटलमा sujin.com.np देखियो । कस्ले सेट गरेछ भनेर हटाउन खोजे हट्दैन । केहि महिना अगडि पनि यस्तै गरि ब्राउजरमा Hacked by Gozilla भन्ने भाईरसले हैरानै पारेको थियो । तेस्तै गरेर आजपनि sujin.com.np ब्राउजरको टाइटलमा देखियो ।

पछी पो सम्झे यस्को गाथा त धेरै अगाडि सुनेको थिए, अब हटाउनै पर्यो । यो खासमा pendrive र floppy बाट सर्छ। सर्सर्ती यस्को VB Script Code हेर्दा harmful code त केही देखिएन तर मान्छेहरुलाई आफ्नो कम्प्युटरमा केही unusual देख्यो कि कतै कम्प्युटर क्र्यास होला र डाटा उड्ला भन्ने डर त हुने नै भयो ।

पछि दिउसो तिर काम बिशेषले एउटा अफिस गएको थिए त्यहा पनि sujin.com.np ले हैराननै पारेको रैछ । त्यो अफिसको सबै कम्प्युटरको ब्राउजरमा sujin.com.np सजिएर बसेको थियो। हुन त यस्ले कम्प्युटरलाई खासै effect गर्दैन अली कम्प्युटर चाँही स्लो बनाउछ। तर पनि कम्प्युटर सम्बन्धी ज्ञान नहुँदा मान्छेहरुले कती हैरानी खेप्नु पर्छ त्यस माथि पनि स्पस्ट रुपमा Cyber Law लागु नभएकोले पनि सुजिन(Sujin Joshi, Tangal Lalitpur, Domain Registered Date : 2/1/2006) जस्ताले आफु पपुलर हुन बेफ्वाकमा अर्काको कम्प्युटरको ब्राउजरमा बिना अनुमती मस्त झुन्डिरहेका छन् ।

यदी तपाईंको ब्राउजरमा पनि sujin.com.np देखिन्छ भने तलको software ले हटाउन सक्नु हुन्छ ।

Click here to download Sujin.com.np browser Hi-Jack (Virus-Worm) removal software.


आकार said...

ओहो ! तपाईलाई पनि सुजिन ले दु:ख दियो ???
Antisujin ko script सार्है सजिलो किसिम को छ , त्यही भएर होला धेरै जनाले Anti sujin नै बनाएको होला !!! तर sms.exe जस्ता भाईरसलाई चाँही के गर्ने नि ???.......... anyway happy new year-2008

Sheetal Thapaliya said...

Aarchana ji, removal software that u include here is creted by sujin himself. See it "About progarm" menu. Sujin is "aafai boksi aafai jhankri" and you are unknownly making him jahnkri.

There is next easy way to get rid to this virus. Jus visit my or mangalnan's blog.

Sadhana said...

Archu i think Sujin is my fren's brother..m not so sure but i think he is the same sujin..!!that's crap!!

archana said...

sheetal, yep i heard that scanner.exe made by himself. however it removes sujin.com.np title nicely. It’s good trick to be a famous.

btw, Anybody can change that script and stick their name and spread vbscript file.

आकार said...

Thanks for a such a nice comments......

Sachin J said...

Archana didi..

I went through your post. I liked your post as U have posted it after doing quite a good analysis in the subject matter. But, I didn't like what you wrote at the end of the post. U have commented that this has been done by Sujin for gaining popularity. I am totally against your view as I know Sujin personally and that he has not done for gaining popularity. I don't wanna speak much on his behalf but will make sure that he clearifies about it to you persoanlly. I am referring your blog to him. He will go through your blog and send you a comment too.

Thanking You,


Navin said...

hello archana ji, what happened to bloggers.com.np

all the database seems wiped out

one of my visitor recently complained me about the link fault and i was astonished, it's not working..

kindly to get information on this regard :)

archana said...

navin ji,

Website is in maintenance. we are adding additional features.

Site will be up very soon.Sorry for inconvenienced caused to you.


archana said...

sachin, thanks for posting comment in my blog. hope everything going well with you. let Sujin explain the things as u don't know this sujin.com.np spreading around the nepal as well in some other country.

I know this vbscript file doesn't harm your system but pple are taking this as dangerous virus.

UMANG said...

archana jee, yadi tapain kunai hacker lai gali garnu hunchha bhane tapain le aajhai IT bujhnu bhayeko chhaina, hackers are a great sources of patching the security loopholes. They are great developers. as i came to knew from previous topics, tyo sujin wala virus removal pani sujin le nai banako raichha, sujin ko virus le garda kamse kam virus ko barema nabujhne ra computer security ma dhyan nadine nepali haru lai kehi ta sikayeko chha ni, I dont know sujin personally, but a Big Salut to him :)

archana said...

UMANG, I am not scolding any hacker. IT skill should be used in a right way otherwise everything will be destroyed for eg.your blog can be hacked, anybody’s website can be hacked and anybody email’s password can be stolen easily.

There is lots of way to make Nepalese pple aware about virus and IT security system. We need to choose right way.

Yes I know, in bank, in police office (foreign country) and in big IT Company there is a department of hacking. Company pays to hackers and they use their skill for the betterment of something(hacker le hack gareko lai, rehack/restore garne). In Nepal also there is a big group of Hacker (may be you don’t know about this) they are very skilled and they are working for Renown Multinational Company. I think you haven’t read previous comment, antisujin removal dherai le banayeko chha. Problem aaye pachhi ta solution ta jasari pani niski haalchha.

You can praise/salute sujin. I don’t have any problem :)

Navin said...

Thank you for the information. by the way, Sujin.com.np is not a virus. it's a worm. (jeez we don't have computer bacteria hahahahah)

i don't understand why people are calling it virus.

you need to analyze it's behaviour and it's source code, and it' not a virus. just a browser hi-jack worm.

more at:

Rajendra Bishwakarma said...

ओ अर्चना जी सुजीनले त दिक्कै पारेको छ नी । राम्रो गर्नु भयो Remove Software राखी दिएर । तपाईलाई धेरै धेरै साधुवाद ।

ben said...

Thank you so much for the Sujin Removal tool. It worked.

rajeshdahiya said...

I am highly thankful to u , ur blog helps me to remove a virus sujin.com.np.
Thanks and regards
Rajesh Dahiya

juni said...

Thanx archana
u must be having a fertile mind
best of luck 4 what u do


omkar said...

Hey archana,
Thanks a lot for the tool
it really helped me a lot.
Thanks once again.

Harsukh Thanki said...

Hi, as you suggest I have removed sujin.com.np from my computer, with the help of back2manglman. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

my email is sirjanalamshal@yahoo.com
do you know how to remove or block mcash advertisement.sms.exe or doubleclick.net.

actually it comes www.mcash.com.np.

plz email me.