IT Policy & Cyber Law in Nepal

नेपालमा साइबर क्राइम जस्तै hacking, piracy, copyright violation र अरु बिद्युतीय अबैधानिक कार्य गरेमा ५० हजार देखि ३ लाख सम्म तिर्न पर्ने र ६ महिना सम्मको कैद हुने रहेछ बिस्तारमा चाँही डाउनलोड गरेर पढ्नु होला ।

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- Cyber Law
- Information Technology Policy 2057 (2003)
- e-Government Master Plan Report
- Electronic Transaction Act(digital signature)-2063
- E-Governance in Nepal
- Cyber Law Enforcement in Nepal
- Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section
- Computer Crime

यो सुरुवात सार्है राम्रो छ तर एस्लाई फलो गर्ने कस्ले ? जब कि हामी आँफै Pirated Software प्रयोग गर्न वाध्य छौ सायद यो पोलिसी टाइप गर्दा पनि Pirated Software नै प्रयोग गरेका होलान यस्तो स्थितिमा कस्को लागि साईबर ल बनाउने हो? नेपाल मा धेरै आइटि कम्पनी ले सफ्टवेर बनाउछन् । Pirated Software मै software बनाउने अनि त्यो Software लाइ copyright राख्ने?

एक महिना अगाडि मैले 3D Max को Original CD किन्न खोजेको थिए। नेपालमा त पाइने कुरै भएन बिदेशबाट मगाउदा लगभग $3459 पर्ने भो। लौन कस्तो महँगो। मैले त त्यसपछि original 3D Max चलाऊने धोको त्यागिदिए अनी तेही crack गरेकै software को जय जयकार भो। के गर्नु वाध्यता छ।


Deelip Khanal said...

Yeah, we are getting improved nationally and internationally, archana jee. paypal have also started its service to Nepal now. No, I'm serious this time.Its may 11 hehe.

Check my blog for more detail.

archana said...

deelip, wow!! that's a very good newS BUT debit card doesn't work. :( i couldn't find Card Verification Number in my debit card.

nnepali said...

I've got a copy of 3D max !!

Archana just look around !! you will get it too.. ;)

SGP said...

IT Policy and Cyber Law in Nepal is indeed a great initiation to improve IT in Nepal. As far as its implementation concern, i am +ve that this will be implemented slowly and steady. And we must have to enforce to implement this.
I agreed that we should discourage to use pirated software. But at present scenario, we can not afford to buy software paying high $$$ from international vendors, so for some time being we should not feel bad using cracked/pirated software to make our own software products. And policy should be to protect the rights of the Nepalease software products and vendors.

Speed said...

IT law ........ crap ...... even the authorities are breaking the piracy law and how do you expect others to follow ....... i bet most if not all the government office's pc use pirated windows and office in them .....

well archana in fact the cost of the software for supporting piracy is a pretty much a lame excuse.... well in your case if you really wanted to use a legal software than you could have opted for a FOSS replacement for 3dmax ...... blender 3d is a free open source program and is as good as 3d max ....... You may not be familiar with the program but everything can be learnt ....... Remember is you are a pirate (as referring not only to the pirated software creators but also the user and supporter of piracy) you are not giving the credits to a developer for his work. but a developer mainly creates a software to sell it , so 1 pirated software means snatching 1 bread away from a developer .

frankly speaking , i dont want cyber laws ...... it not gonna make any difference for me ..... i mean i think that there is enough brains with the authorities to make us follow it .........

haha so many complaints ........ well a look at a brighter side hai aba ........ Microsoft's $3 software package also called MSIS (Microsoft student innovation suite). This package is targeted towards the student of the third world countries . Microsoft are going to sell the software to the government and the government is gonna distribute it. The package is gonna include windows Xp starter edition , Microsoft office home , student 2007 , Microsoft Math 3.0 , Learning Essentials 2.0 , Windows live mail desktop. And all that is for just $3 i.e. rs 210 (approx).

So if you are really a piracy woe than there is a choice for you now. But still i think that the low paid version will provide much less functionality . Well and plz forgive me archana for i ended up writing a comment longer than you post.

hope said...

very good. cyber law nepal ma raichha. maile euta software banayeko euta company le paisa nai diyeko chaina. aba mudda halchhu.

50,000 pai po haalchha ki.

nnepali said...

Speed said : "you are a pirate"

haha I'm sure she would look good with an eye patch, one wooden leg, a parrot on her shoulder and holding map marked X for hidden tressure !! :)

archana said...

speed, Yes I use pirated software and I do not hesitate to accept the truth, no doubt in Nepal everybody use the pirated software. No worries, one fine day we will surely use full version purchased Microsoft product. :)

archana said...

छ्या !! कस्तो देखिने होलानी so funny . lol

Sudeep Tamrakar said...

Yeah I agree with you. Jaba ki hami jasto gareeb janata le testo mahango software kosari use garne, ki ta uni haru le Nepali haru laagi bhanera sasto ma dinu paryo. Jaba samma Nepaliko software kinne chhyamata hunna taba samma pirated software naii use huncha jasto laagcha.

Policy haru lyaayeko ta ramro kura ho, tara yeslaii kosle follow garne ta, sarkaari officer, uni haru ta testaii hun. Ani arko kura, yenha kati sarkari office haru chan jata tataii tehi pirated software ta use bhayekachan, even malaii laagcha tyo download garnu diyeko website dekhin liyera utaako documents haru pani pirated software bata naii banayeko po hun ki !!!

यो सुरुवात एक्दम् राम्रो छ तर एस्लाई फलो गर्ने कस्ले ? जब् कि हामी आँफै Pirated Software प्रयोग गर्न वाध्य छौ शायद यो पोलिसी टाइप गर्दा पनि Pirated Software नै प्रयोग गरेका होलान एस्तो स्थितिमा कस्को लागि साईबर ल बनाउने हो? Pirated Software मै software बनाउने अनि त्यो Software लाइ copyright राख्ने?

एक् महिना अगाडि मैले 3D Max को Original CD किन्न खोजेको थिए। नेपालमा त पाइने कुरै भएन बिदेश बाट मगाउदा लगभग् $3459 पर्ने भो। लौन कस्तो महँगो। मैले त त्यसपछि original 3D Max चलाऊने धोको त्यागिदिए अनी तेही crack गरेकै software को जय जयकार भो। के गर्नु वाध्यता छ।

Ashish Lohorung Rai said...

IT law is definitely a great achievement in the sense of theory only not practical coz it is nearly impossible to control the piracy in Nepal in the present context. Though I know that in future it won't happens like that. That means there will come the control and it should be because a programmer has plucked out his hair so much to make a program and finally he is paid "Aaloo". Even the some genius type of guy can hack the program and make some small changes to change the programmer name too.

I think this is too much like day theft. At last a programmer get not even his name. His all works are gone in vain.

We buy a Vista DVD with only Rs. 70 or 75 but who have guessed that how many programmer and IT professional are involved and how much money was invested to develop it. Somebody might be happy of that due to the monopoly caused by Microsoft but if the same thing happens to us then we know the real sadness.

So if the Task Force of conrolling the piracy become active then what happens. Being lack of money we can't be able to buy the heavy budget softwares. So the only options reamains ie. FOSS Softwares. So how about switching to Linux and use the Open Source softwares?

CashlessBrother said...

Living in a country with average annual income of $250 (approx coz i don't know the exact figures)even talking about genuine software does not make sense. But yeah there are great hobbyist out there who code not for money and FOSS is the way to go. I have always been a Linux enthusiast and i think that the Linux flavors available today is so much user friendly. Well since Microsoft is releasing their $3 package maybe even the people who are uncomfortable with other OS can get the package and run various free open source software available for windows.
For me the only pirated software i have used so far is crystal report and Microsoft visual studio and that too i have uninstalled already and am planning to switch to Linux.As i have be already addicted to many open source software like Firefox , Sumatra pdf , open office org, aducity , blender 3d , vlc media player.

yeah nnepali archana would definetly look gr8 if you added a hook on her left hand .

D-H-A-K-A-L said...

We should not use other's intellectual property by just 'cracking'. It takes time. This is just the beginning.

Hem Acharya said...

check out good news here

and let me know if you are planning to use 3G

freemind said...

only in paper cyber law applies. I have seen many incidence where the violation has occured in nepal.

Many of the users takes my blogs content without any rights or prior notices.

We need to accept it for time being. May be in later years we have a better laws.

For e.g; I was lead when we developed www.creationnepal.com but the source codes of are spreaded all over kathmandu. (though i accept that we also used some sources from 4images.de and we are still putting their copyrights in our codes)

there are many incidences..
One of the popular ecom site (i wont mention name) had once upon time leaked credit card information of its customer... (babaaal bhako thiyo ni).

Who dares to care such thing???? Do we have time ???

Let this thing continue..


Navin said...

Nepal ko kanoon dekhera American haru ko kantabijog huncha rey.

America ma kanoon bhaney pachi strictly follow huncha rey

yaha ta 2-4 jana ley policy lekhidincha, sarkar ma basney haru ko dhyan antai.

tini haru lai Cyber law bhaneko kun chara ko naam ho tyo pani thah chaina hola, Windows Xp bhaneko thaha cha hola tyo mantri haru lai??

I also have read these IT policy many years ago, it's limited only to paper and i pray to god that it remains like this for ever unless and until we nepalese has monthly earning of at least $2000.

dOwN bUt nOT oUt said...

read my post it's related.

zerome said...

Hello Archana
I am a hacker (not by profession)cum civil engineer and now I am outside nepal. Recently I hacked SW Roads(welink Nepal) which was tough for me. As you already said cyber law has been introduced in Nepal. What if I repacked the cracked software & redistribute it outside my country. In this case does the rule apply to me... or what?? I am not really a professional hacker. I hack only for my Personal interest. But actually wanted to know.The law only applies when i start distribution,right?

Anonymous said...

The only original software (a few) Nepalis use is Kaspersky, which is selling licenses for a pretty reasonable price. Everything else is pirated, in government offices, schools, businesses,etc. If Nepal starts buying original software, it would slump into a financial crisis.

Anonymous said...

Guys i'm in big trouble. One of guy who was my previous web adminstrator hack my yahoo password and forward my private things in his id. now he sent me an email i gonna public your wife pictures in the internet and make your's wife like namarata shrestha. I was reported to yahoo and yahoo told me to report your local logistic & local lawyer to investigate this matter.Is there any law in nepal so i can report him? i've evidence that he sent me email like that.

Sanklp said...


IT Policy ko Link change bhaye 6. sarkar change bhaye pachi hola sayed. hehe Pls update it.

Anonymous said...

where people die of diarrhoea, we have got a cyber law. great work government. now start to focus on something that really matter.

ripu said...

i need it policy & cyber law in nepal of 2066 so plz update this

srekcah said...

Pirated software should be legal in Nepal!!! Nepal patent/copyright software copy garera sell garnu chai dinu vayena. Pirated International softwares haru ta legal garnu parcha! Nepal ko users le afford nai garnu sakdaina ni!

Ishwor said...

to implement cyber law in nepal, currency must be changed from us$ to nrs...if not 50%of nepali people will have to get out of the world of IT...Im really thakfull for those who create and sell pirated software...
I cant even imagine what i would have been doing by now if pirated software didn't exist..

diya said...
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BoharaG said...

Link for Cyber law is down as site for HLCIT is down. Could you plz provide it here. it it urgent for me. Thanks in advance.

BoharaG said...

Hi link for Cyber law is not available as site for HLCIT is down. Could you plz provide it here. This is very urgent.

archana said...

BoharaG there website is down. sorry i cant help you out

Anonymous said...

well, good to read you guys...as i was looking for my country Nepal's cyber law to submit as an assignment ...hmmmm i found some pdfs....but i think it gonna take little more time to understand these all.....n here i see most of the commments around the cyber law..is all about the pirated software...i guess there is much more than this....personally i dont regret using these software but in the case of official n government bodies atleast shouldnt promote this....n also shouldnt developer change the way how they distribute or mechanism they do on developing software?.....u know that cracking is now already setup as a business.....its not just you n me do but themselves those company ...rivals...so....its not im to b blamed for simply using it.!! again lets focus on cyber crime....internet laws..........go continue guys!!!