Short Poem

यो बाटो आउनु तिमी
आफुलाई त्यही छिपाइ दिन्छु म
यो माटो हिंड्नु तिमी
आफुलाई त्यही बिछाइदिन्छु म
नखोज्नु मलाई आँखाहरुले कहिले पनि तिमी
मुटुको उच्छ्वास् मा भिजिदिन्छु म



dhungana said...

Its beautiful! Thank you for sharing... Keep up the good posts!

: ]

anand sharma said...

You are amazing, you are great and ofcourse you are a meaning to this world. A person like you can always make this world better. your creativity, your passion towards your work and your enthusiasm is very appreciable, always keep up the good work and shine like a diamond.

Best wishes,