Bra color facebook status-the bras are back in town

One of my dijju(sister) sent me message in facebook like this:
” In your FB status post the color of the bra you are wearing. Just the color, nothing else. Then send this message on to the girls in your life that you care about, leave the guys out of it, will be fun to keep them guessing when all they see are names of colors in our statuses! Do this for Breast Cancer Awareness and don't forget: FEEL YOUR BOOBIES(Girls)!!!!!

I just checked my facebook and its really colorful.
Ex Miss Nepal Payal Shakya Writes: Hot Pink

Other my friend writes: white & blue, Black, slateblue, off-white, white with silver polka dots, spotted pink on black, light blue with pink flowers, multicolor, net black etc but the popular color seems white, black and beige . :)

But who’s actually behind the bra color campaign, and what they’re trying to accomplish, remains a mystery. A Detroit blog suggests that the color update craze was started by women in Detroit who are trying to raise awareness around Breast Cancer (though October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

If this campaign about about breast cancer awareness then its about me, all mothers, sisters, daughters, wifes and I will not hesitate to write in facebook status the color of my bra …~~~***Beige***~

All About Breast Cancer Symptoms, prevention, treatment, support, online forums, & more.


tiro said...

I was expecting something more explicit, going by the title.

Anyways, good thing, you are raising awareness about breast cancer by doing this.

Basanta said...

I wish the campaign success!

Aakar said...

Its interesting but I doubt how many have search about Breast Cancer. How many know about Breast Cancer. But anyway,wishing luck for this campaign.

archana said...

chinese people started to visit my blog. i find out the meaning of 很好啊 mean Ah well