IT- rewarding career

मलाई IT field एकदम मन पर्छ किनकि म सँग ल्यापटप र ईन्टरनेट भयो भने म जहा बाट पनि आफ्नो काम गर्न सक्छु। साथी, भाई, आफ्नो customer सँग च्याट बाटनै कुरा कानी हुने गर्छ्। शुक्रबार म Australian computer society ले organize गरेको seminar मा गएको थिए। सेमिनार Imperial Hotel मा भएको थियो।

IBM, fujitsu, Melbourne IT मा काम गर्ने हरु आएका थिए। सबैका संघर्श का कथा सुनियो। साच्चै सफल मानिस हुन त सार्है दु:ख पो गर्नु पर्ने रैछ।


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Anonymous said...

WEll, i have been reading almost all of archana's blog. you are the one female bloger who really is to be rewarded. all of your articles are filled with brain & beauty. Thank god for creating such beauty with brain.
wish you all the best.
today i didn't post any comment for this later on i will.

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abc said...

i keep on pitying on myself for not choosing an IT career. I think IT or the computer courses r best suited fr people like me who feel at home with things & ideas, but r poor in PR skills.