Make Love Not War

I got the cool T-shirt in website. Words are very meaningful. It cost you $36 (Nrs 2268).
Here is the link to buy this t-shirt.


The mission to design this t-shirt is to liberate minds and spread peace. Material: super soft 100% organic fabric, low impact dyed tees - so you can feel good about what you wear.

However in Katmandu also there is place to print on t-shirt like Attash, Station etc. You can print anything :)
T-shirt model : David Mast of Echocast (Echocast is an aggressive rock band)


आकार said...

Opps !!
T-shirt is expensive.
But anyway theme is super cool.

AngelRexx said...

The t-shirt is too expensive. but it is really nice..

nnepali said...

We need to see a pic of you in that t-shirt !! :)

Nepali Akash said...

It would still have been better if they had only 'love' then 'make love' in the t shirt. wink wink !!!