bloggers.com.np updates

http://www.bloggers.com.np/ मा अब तपाईंहरु ले नयाँ अपडेटस पाउनु हुनेछ। nepali bloggers team तयार पारेको updates हिजो राती देखी लाईभ भएको छ। अब यो साइटबाट आफ्नो तथा अरुको साइट सर्च गर्ने सजिलो भएको छ र क्यटागोरी वाइज सर्च गर्न, लोकेसन वाइज सर्च गर्ने, ल्यांगवेज वाइज पनि सर्च गर्ने सजिलो बनाइएको छ। अहिलेलाई bloggers team ले नै सबै categories गरिदिएको छ तर कृपया तपाईंहरु आफ्नो ब्लग हेर्नु होस् र गलत भएको छ भने Update Blog Link मा गएर सचाउनु होस्।

यो साइट्मा बिशेष रुपमा प्रोग्रामिङ गर्ने हर्कजि लाई धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद उहाले ३ दिन सम्म निरन्तर यो साइट्को लागि काम गरी दिनु भयो र अरु टिम मेम्बरलाई पनि धन्यवाद।


Prajwol said...

Very appreciable work. I had lot of fun trying to guess what category I'm listed (subject wise) in, after lot's of bad guesses I finally found it :). Now I'm starting a new game, trying to find where I'm listed (location) :)

Hat's off to you guys for going over each site's and sorting it out, how long did it take? I wouldn't have had that big a patience :D

Archana, how about putting a comment/forum box so that people can enter the proper categories themselves rather than you guy's scratching your head over. I'm novice when it comes to programming stuff so there must be a reason for you not doing so. Anyways, keep up the good work....I'll get back to my game now :)

archana said...

Thanks prajwol for appreciation. When you submit new blog, you can get option to choose everything i.e. location, category. If the blog was already listed and if it was in wrong category you can use “update your blog” option.

It took around 10 days to sort out everything.

Thanks for your suggestion. We will surely think about this.

Arati Lohorung Rai said...

archana didi thanks for visting my blog and u have done wonderful job for nepali bloggers

but i am surprised to find non nepalese bloggers.

basanta said...

I heartily thank bloggers.com.np for such a great effort. I have updated my blog a few times and have got quite a quick response.