Free IT Training for women

It is our pleasure to share with you that Women in IT(WIT) will be organizing a training
program to updgrade technical skills of women. We anticipate that it will support in increasing their technical proficiency and enable them to enter into higher positions in the job environment.

I will be coordinating this training program. Mr. Bibhusan and Ms. Shikha Shrestha will also be engaging in the intervention on behalf of BellaSAP as BellaSAP will be providing finanical support to the training program.

We will be initiating the training program from July 15 2007- August 31 2007. Therefore, we need your support and cooperation in finding 10 potential women for the training program. Some of the preliminary criteria are the participants should be 10+2 pass and have Computer Diploma or Basic Knowledge.

Most preferences will be given to women of marginalized sections. The training courses will cover: Graphic Designing , Software Development/ Programming and Hardware Training provided by women professionals. There will be some Guest Speakers who will be sharing their experiences to motivate the women participants. We will anticipate your support and cooperation. Please feel free to communicate with me for further information.

We would like to request you to conform your placement by July 14th Noon. Thank you.


Ashish Lohorung Rai said...

that is just great...what to say more than that...it is the privilege to have trainings for women which will help them to understand and know the benefits of IT Technologies. Great thumbs up for good work...cheers

Sadhana said...

Hmmm...sounds awesome!!!!!...c'mon wake up girls...!!!!!!!!!

Very gud concept...All The Best!!


Nnepali said...

I wonder what kind of teacher you make... a good teacher, bad teacher or the one everyone hates... ?? :)

Do the students get to do a review/judge their teachers?? Its done all the time over here..

archana said...

Our aim is to give professional IT training for women. After taking training it depends on the participants to choose her way. :)

dez said...

Sorry to say.
But I am not happy with the word "Free IT Training for women" because we think man and women are same (50% 50% in rights) . So have you ever heard, "Free IT Training for man", if not than please try to make it "Free IT Training for all"

Navin said...

Dez, you are right. i was thinking to write similar things but you wrote it.
However, when i think women involvement in every sector, it's very few. So, anyone expert in any sector should try their best to bring in those women in spotlight and i think that's what she's doing.

today, in my assessment, i wrote for women's education and i wrote something like this. :)

Selima said...

Good words.