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Last week we had workshop called “Women in ICT”. The workshop was organized by BellaSAP & SAP International. There were around 50 IT women who are rendering there services in different organization and company.

The workshop’s topic is “why women left behind in ICT “?The goal of the event

is to promote quality participation of women in Information and Communication Technology
(ICT) movement of Nepal. Specific objectives of the event are to: analyze issues, concerns and opportunities of women in ICT , outline future directions and areas of collaboration

Expected result of the event is to develop a common understanding on the issues and re-addressable mechanisms for ensuring a strong role of women in ICT, initiate joint efforts with stakeholders for motivating women to get involved in ICT sector, develop a women's committee for the mission of promoting women in ICT .

We have made one committee to promote females in IT field.
Lets get united, if you are in also IT field.


Dipendra Pradhananga said...

Dear Archana ji
I just browsed your website www.archana.com.np with reference from the brief introductory article of yours, published on NARI magazine.

I would like to congratulate you upon your success till now and wish you get success in every challenging path of your life.
I'm also a freelancer IT professional and proud to be in this field. I attended an IT Conference organized by CAN last week. There was a presentation about Women in IT by an organisation. It was good to know that different programs were held to promote women in IT. But few things mentioned about women made me feel very pity. I agree there must be equal oppurtunity for women in IT but what I think, not in the form of grant. There were many things addressed as women must get quotas , CAN must give quotas for women in their board committe and so on, which I totally disagree.

Request or demand for granting and allowing quotas reflects the weakness of women. As you know, computer programs doesn't give output different with data entered by different genders. For e.g. in JAVA(or any program) if a women makes a mistake while typing a command, the compiler doesn't grant the error assuming that it is made by women. Error reflects error. What I mean to say is in this ICT field skill is the most important part whether it's man or women. If you have skill you survive if you don't have then you won't.

My key message to you is that you can brighten the dark side of women and revise on the strategy of promoting women in IT. You are an example of a skilled women in IT. So, let others learn from you. Stop promoting grants to women.

Nither I know you nor you do. Please don't mind about this e-mail. This is only a prompt human response generated after browsing your entire website.

If this e-mail in any form hurts you or bother your personal, daily life then please do forgive me. I know I don't have any rights to e-mail this type of e-mail to you. I'm only trying to help few with a good tool.

With best regards


archana said...

Dear Dipen Jee,

I am very much glad to see you writing me about the women participation in IT. I strongly support your feeling as this should not be made a grant for a women to get their rights. I believe women should be motivated and also they should be given the courage to comeforward and work hands joining with the males in this women dominated country. I have always believed myself and the services and satisfaction i deliver through my creative designs. I have never undertaken any projects on a grant basis being a women. I have that strong feeling that i can do better and could come forward without any grants that i have never needed in my lifetime. People never come to me with that feeling of providing me with a grant but they have a feeling that i could deliver them with what they are seeking for, with all those quality services i provide and my sincerety and my passion towards my job.

I would always try to extend my helping hands towards the women who are working hard to come forward. I believe that most of the women who tend to come forward in this field are well educated and knows the meaning of a grant and would not appreciate this idea at all. Your views are much appreciable and would definately deliver some messages to women who are less literate, dependent of XYZ factor and have that feeling to share some amount as a grant, this all happens because of the lack of self confidence and self motivational factor. We have and will always live in the country where always the domination is the biggest issue but i believe that in the time of new discoveries, time of science upgradation each and every human being should try to come forward forgetting their gender inequalities to upgrade and develop the new trends. Our ideology should be changed and it should be changed in such a manner that no gender inequalities should be brought forward. Also there should be a motivation factor from the concerned authority to a person who contributes and promotes their knowledge forgetting their gender.


Karishma said...

Dear Archana ji,
I have read about you in nari magazine and knew that women are also forward in it. Actually i dont know much about IT but I do use and open such websites.
I am working as a secretary in Dhumbarahi.Last time i browsed your website and knew more about you
If you are not annoyed by this piece of mail I just wanted to congratulate you for your grand success and i hope many women would get benefitted reading and browsing your website.
it is giving a lot of women an unvisible energy to uplift themselves.
Thank you
With warm regards