When I was struggling with death - old letter


Dear candy, I hope u're fine now. How is your pains and how is your respiration. My believe is that everything will be fine in few days and again we will be swinging our hands on the air praying god for the well being of our love life.At least we've got god with ourselves, who could help us in many aspects. We will never loose and I hope our prayers won't go in vain. my budu all my blessings are for you, all my love all and my happiness are for you. Every time my heartbeats it calls out your name archu.

Every time, every moment, and every second becomes an adventorous moment for me. It's really hard to stay without u. I was habituated to see your face daily which used to make me jolly and you know I used to get another type of strength which really used to blossom my heart and rejoices my inner strength. I'm still in a want to hold u in my arms and just hide u from all these cruel things. I'd like to make u warm and safe in my arms.I promise that I'll make u sleep in my arms, eat with my hands, bath with my hands, comb your hairs(usuallywhich I do in the college) I'll wash your clothes,I'll cook for you. I'm sure that, I'll do all the things that comes to your way and will surely do help u in every aspect of your life.

This is the greatest examination of your life. It takes time but , u should be very much careful, you don't have to loose your appetite, instead you should increase it daily and should have to take full rest leaving behind all the works.Health is wealth, so be sure to take c are of it, then there comes the time to think about studies and other issues. You should always be in a jolly mood- I mean no worries. Your parents are there and I'm always by your side. When ever u want to catch me just close your eyes u'll find me besides you trying to comfort you at ease.
Medicines do not tastes good and it's for the betterment of your health you should be regular and punctual in taking medicines. Do not worry coz everything will be fine as our love will keep us alive.

always & forever, Lanky


samjhana said...

love it. just inspired by your love.

harkalopchan said...


Its really great. I like it... hajurko love dekhera pani daha lagyo hau malai ta. Anyway wish to ur candy to get well soon....

archana said...

thanks harka for posting in my blog. actually harka, just want to make you clear that my bf wrote this in 2000 when i was badly sick.

Harka Lopchan said...

Oh, it means... this is the letter ur bf wrote to wish you. Je bhaya pani its really really nice. Khoi afno ta gf pani nabhayara ho ki ke ho yasto kura haruko sharing nai bhayana. Anyway mam hajurlai dherai dherai subhakamana.